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Your secret is safe with me.

£250 / NZ$500 entitles men to permanent Private Arrangements access.

Ladies access to list your profile is free provided you meet the profile guidelines.

After 12 months men have the option to upgrade. Upgrading enables you to view ladies who have recently joined the agency.
This will cost NZD $250 GBP £140 for a year. Remember, updating is optional and access to the ladies who were present when you joined is permanent.

As director, I take a personal interest in managing Private Arrangements ensuring members remain anonymous at all times, and digital footprints are erased. New members are required to join in person, which can be arranged by phone or Skype. You will be provided with the payment details once the decision to go ahead is made- please note payment is made via cash, bank deposit or internet banking only.

An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with your login details once your account is activated. In most instances this transaction takes less than five minutes. Once you login you can change your temporary password and access the ladies' profiles.

Join Anonymously

If anonymity is important to you call me anytime to join, it only takes a few minutes and leaves no trace of your activities online.

New Zealand 027 662 1181
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